Oakland Airport Terminals

At Oakland airport there are two Terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Both terminals connect to each other through the gate areas and the post-security.


Terminal 1

In total it has 17 numbered gates: 1, 3-8, 8a, 9, 9a, 10-12, 14, 14a, 15 and 17. Gates 1 and 3 serve international flights.

Next to the gate 4 there is the connector that links with terminal 2.

It has a ground level and a second level.

It operates with the following airlines:

- Alaska

- Allegiant

- American

- Boutique Air

- Delta

- Hawaiian

- JetBlue

- Norwegian


- Spirit

- Volaris


Terminal 2

The only airline that operates at the terminal is Southwest Airlines.

In total it has 32 gates numbered from 20 to 32. Gate 20 is the one that connects with Terminal 1.


Both terminals are provided with food, beverages and retails although Terminal 2 is provided with more services. Most of them are located at the post-security area.


The airport has various season flights, most of them operated from Terminal 1.


The busiest routes from Oakland airport are domestic and flights go to different U.S cities/airports. These are the following ones: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle/Tacoma, Burbank, San Diego, Phoenix, Orange County, Portland, Salt Lake City, Ontario.