Oakland Airport (OAK) Guide to Oakland International Airport - OAK

Oakland Airport Terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2

Oakland Airport consists of two passenger terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

The airport has various seasonal flights, most of them operated from Terminal 1.

Both terminals are provided with food, beverages and retails although Terminal 2 is provided with more services. Most of them are located at the post-security area.


Transfer between terminals

Both terminals connect to each other through the gate areas and the post-security:

From Terminal 1: From Gate 4 (leads to 1 to 17).

From Terminal 2: From Gate 20 (leads to 20 to 32).



See below further information about both terminals at Oakland Airport:


Terminal 1

In total it has 17 numbered gates: 1 to 17. Gates 1 and 3 serve international flights.

Next to the gate 4 there is the connector that links with Terminal 2.

It has a ground level and a second level.

It operates with the following airlines: Allegiant, Alaska, American, Azores Airlines, Boutique, Contour, Hawaiian, Delta, JetBlue, Level, British Airways, Norwegian, Spirit and Volaris.

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Terminal 2

Southwest Airlines operates exclusively from Terminal 2.

In total it has 13 gates numbered from 20 to 32. Gate 20 is the one that connects with Terminal 1.

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